Design for Online Photo

Online photo editing service wants to make creating great images fast, easy and fun. With the site’s color correction tools, filters, text tools, and clip-art, even the novice user can prepare artwork for printing and web use.

Ribbet asked the Tubik design team to redesign the user interface, and bring a modern, cool feel to the tools and controls. As graphic designers themselves, the team was eager to take on the challenge!

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Light Theme

After extensive consultation with the client, the team took on the task of developing two versions of the user interface to allow for switching between a light and dark theme. Users can choose the background palette that works best for their project, or even switch during the editing session to rest their eyes.

Graphic Assets

Ribbet users can create personalized collages, greeting cards, and invitations. The design team was asked to develop a series of themed template packages for this purpose that would increase the value of the site for users, and add to the client’s competitive advantage in the market. Tubik created themes for a variety of life events and festivals and provided assets that could be used for different media.

Landing Page

The Ribbet landing page, as important to the user experience as the tools themselves, must effectively demonstrate the use and benefit of the photo editing site. The design team created isometric projections to showcase the interface and tool functions, helping users to understand the power and ease of use of the Ribbet tools.

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