Global UI/UX Update
of Passfold App

All in all, Passfold application is built

to allow people to get more digitized

and eliminate unnecessary hassle

in our daily business and private life.

Passfold app users will be able to digitize

any kind of paper document,

such as tickets for various events,

vouchers and discount coupons,

membership and VIP cards,

loyalty and gift cards etc,

and keep them in a neat

and organized manner inside the app.

Tubik Studio task was to do a thorough revision

of the interface and produce

visually appealing interface design.

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Branding and Color Scheme

To create a fresh new look for the application,

Tubik Studio designers had to solve two main tasks:

update the core design elements,

such as logo and brand colors,

and also bring beautiful design solutions

to each screen, maintaining a harmonic look and feel.

It was decided by the team to use the shape

of a ticket organizer as a core design element

which was reflected not only in the product logo

but also in the navigation elements.

Simple, familiar-looking and cute.

UI/UX Design Goals Achieved

Passfold App has been designed

to be entertaining, dynamic and easy to use.

No clutter, no odd details, only the info

users need to know about the tickets

and passes they are going to keep.

Slick, modern and intuitive design to make

using the product a pleasant experience -

we believe this goal has been achieved well by Tubik team.

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