Product Design for
LineKing App

LineKing is a productivity app

that recycles appointment cancellations

and no-shows to allow instant or same-day service.

It works similar to a fast-pass

at an amusement park:

allows users to skip long lines.

So while solving quite serious

time-management problems

it also keeps things optimistic and fun.

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User Experience

Tubik Studio design team faced an interesting challenge:

to design an app out of the idea of the core functionality,

building the functionality flow from scratch.

Vendors control when they want to offer the service

and at what cost, set price and time, then user

makes a selection and is shown a countdown clock.

If they are checked in (using bluetooth) before the time expires,

the transaction is completed. If not, the transaction is canceled.

User Interface

LineKing project was a great chance for Tubik designers

to work both on UI/UX and graphic aspects of the interface.

We created a minimalistic logo, and used a ticket theme

for some of the screens and transition animation

to bring the feeling of purchasing a substantial product or service.

Vivid colors, contrast palette and rounded shapes -

all those things made the app fun

and trustworthy at the same time.

Web Admin Panel

It is always great to work on a complex project

including different aspects of a modern digital product.

Working on LineKing was no exception:

Tubik Studio not only did UI/UX, branding

and motion design for the client application,

but also created a nice web-based admin panel

for the vendors which are going to use the service

and set up their events. It preserved the same look and style,

but brought the functions in accordance with the current web standards.

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