Product Design for
LineKing App

With LineKing, users can check wait times at local venues and purchase “skip the line” passes (think Disneyland). The overall design of this cool productivity app is fun and energetic.

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User Experience

The challenge for the design team was to develop the overall flow and interface based on a functional concept.

At its core, the app allows users to join the line at a venue by paying a fee set by the venue to skip to the head of the line. Successful check-in by the deadline results in a charge to the user’s account.

User Interface

The LineKing project gave the team an opportunity to showcase both UI/UX and graphic design skills.

To enhance users’ sense of purchasing something substantial, we used a “ticket” metaphor. A minimalist logo, vivid colors, and rounded edges keep the design light-hearted without detracting from its serious intent as a productivity tool.

Web Admin Panel

Our design team loves a complex challenge. The LineKing app involved not only UI/UX, branding, and motion design for the app, but also a web interface for vendor account setup and management that continued the design aesthetic of the app while adhering to modern web standards.

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