Animated UI
Interactions for Fuse

Tubik Studio is pleased to be working with Fuse to create sample apps and designs for their next-generation, design-centric app development platform.

Fuse empowers designers to put user experience, design, interaction, and animation front and center in the design process without losing the power and flexibility of a modern, multi-platform programming language.

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Blog App Interactions

Fuse helps designers and developers create professional level native apps for web and mobile. Among other templates, the Tubik Studio team created the Fuse Blog App, which uses an image-centric news feed. Simple navigation such as tapping the post author link to view their profile and follow/unfollow keeps the design intuitive, while lively animations keep it fun.

Weather App

Fuse enables UI/UX designers to add layout elements, motion, transitions, interaction, and animations to their designs, as demonstrated in Tubik’s Weather App template. Exciting designs, using color transitions and vivid graphic elements created in Fuse, make a simple activity such as browsing the weather forecast exciting.

Sidebar Menu

Tubik’s Sidebar Menu template demonstrates how Fuse can be used to create multi-platform designs, such as native apps on iOS and Android, easily and intuitively. The animation for expanding and collapsing the menu shows how navigation elements adapt seamlessly across screens and devices.

Social Network

Create your assets in Photoshop, Sketch, or any other content development tool, then bring them into Fuse to create intuitive, unique layouts, navigation, and animations. The Tubik Team shows how conventional design can be turned into exciting user interfaces with their powerful templates.

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