Branding. Icons.
Logos. Illustrations.

Tubik Studio team specializes in UI/UX design,

but we also have great graphic artists in our team,

who can cover everything from the simplest icon

to a complex branding task, and do lots of great stuff

creating illustration, iconography and logos

for the studio products.

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Easter and Spring Themed Icons

Designing icons can look easy at first sight, but don't be tricked.

Here at Tubik Studio we've learnt the lesson

that the simplest things take the most of your skill

to bring the idea in a clear and unique way.

The graphic design team decided to create

seasonal packs of carefully hand-crafted icons.

The first one to come was Easter and Spring icon collection,

cute and bright. They came in two versions - stroke outline

and colorful flat style - to match various purposes.

Multimedia Icon Set

Another collection of icons Tubik Studio team produced

was multimedia-related set, containing lots of objects

connected with audio, video and graphic editing

and viewing, as well as some technology elements.

This is quite a common set and the challenge was

to bring something special to the look.

The process of icon design always involves hours

of pencil sketching, trying lots of different variations

for the very same object and then deciding

which of them look more interesting and exciting design-wise.

Valentine's Day Icon Set

The main things that makes an icons set successful

or, shall we say, viral is finding a unique approach,

a special element or style detail that on the one hand

helps to preserve one general style throughout the set,

and on the other hand is eye-catching and easily recognized.

Creating Valentine's Day icons set Tubik Studio designers

found this secret component in a heart shape, which brought

a cute and sometimes quite unexpected twist

to a lot of well-known icons and symbols.

Some Logo Works

Creating a logo is a much more serious challenge,

as it needs to show the core of the product idea

in a single simple image, without overwhelming or confusing the user.

Another decision could be using beautiful lettering

and a specially created typeface to depict the company philosophy.

Tubik Studio branding specialists have covered both of this approaches

in several dozen of successfully completed logo design projects,

and here are some of them, containing unique illustrations and fonts.

works_branding_10_1 works_branding_10_2 works_branding_10_3 works_branding_10_4

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