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Tubik Podcast #3. Design Workstyles: Freelance VS Teamwork. In-house VS Outsourcing.

Fresh issue of Tubik Podcast, the series of audio talks on various aspects of design. This time it's about workstyles: freelance and teamwork, outsource and in-house design.

New technologies showing dynamic progress have brought numerous approaches to creative processes of all kinds. Being one of the most diverse and flexible spheres, design quickly absorbs all the innovations and evolves into new work styles. Today we have prepared a new episode for the listeners of Tubik Podcast, the series of free audio talks devoted to various aspects of design. The third track presented here continues the set called «Business Terms for Designers» and gives insights on the variety of workstyles. On the ground of practical experience, we review the benefits, responsibilities, and pitfalls for those who are choosing between freelancing and teamwork, outsource or in-house design. Welcome to listen and follow the updates!


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