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tubik studio graphic design illustration

Tubik Monthly Review. June.

Hot summer days are full of bright impressions, various design projects, creative brainstorms and productive teamwork. Starting a new month, let’s remember what was done in June.


Our Dribbble page got new shots presenting various design concepts: graphic design, mobile interfaces, landing pages, animations were posted by studio designers.  Let’s look through the June shots. If you are interested to see all the details  full-size, just follow the links.



Vinny’s Bakery 


icon pack tubik studio

Bright Icon Pack 


tubik studio landing page design

Landing Page. Design Issues 


character illustration tubik studio

Indian Dreamcatcher 


travel app tutorial tubik studio

Travel App Tutorial


3d animation tubik studio

BeBright App 3d Animation


book swap app tubik studio

Book Swap App 


tubik studio healthy food animation

Healthy Food App 


gym landing page concept by Tubik

Gym Landing Page


tubik studio illustration graphic design

Muscles Magazine


tubikstudio travel gear landing

Travel Gear Landing Page 


Surely, we took a chance of publishing some articles here in Tubik Blog about actual design issues. In case you missed any of them, look through the list of topics discussed in June:

  • UI/UX Glossary. Web Design Issues.  New set of UI/UX design glossary focused on basic terms used in webdesign sphere. Here you will find the explanations and examples of webdesign as a sphere of human activity, responsive design, home page, landing page, footer and header.
  • ITEM 2016. Conference Connecting Experts. The review of ITEM-2016, big IT conference held in Dnipro, Ukraine, which became a bright start of our summer. Great speakers and guests from different countries, a wide range of topics and many bright moments of professional communication.
  • Design Is a Job. 30 Honest Quotes by Mike Monteiro. A fresh set of quotes about design issues. This time it is based on the useful and helpful book «Design Is a Job» by Mike Monteiro, the co-founder of Mule Design who is deeply and sharply honest about not only the benefits but also pitfalls of a design process.
  • FAQ Design Platform. Human-Centered vs User-Centered. Are the Terms Different? The issue of FAQ Design Platform concentrated on slight nuances in definitions of human-centered and user-centered design with examples by studio designers.
  • Business Terms in Design for E-Commerce. Sales Basics. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in business, know what the business people talk about. First set of key business terms for designers who work for e-commerce: conversion, sales funnel, sales channels, niche, 4P etc.
  • UI in Action. 15 Animated Design Concepts of Mobile UI. The diverse set of design concepts providing practices by studio designers in interface animation. Motion design ideas for various mobile applications, supporting layouts from slightest motion accents up to core interactions.
  • Short but Vital. Key Abbreviations in Design for Business. The article continues to set the bridge between business and design. This time we consider popular abbreviations such as MVP, USP, B2B, B2C, C2C and their influence on design solutions in perspective of UI, UX and branding.


tubik blog article


As usual, we were keen to actively share our knowledge and experience answering questions about various design topics on Quora. Here are the most popular ones in June:

What blogs can help me become well versed in UI, UX and usability standards?

— What is a home page?

What is a landing page?

— What’s the difference between human-centered design and user-centered design?


Tubik studio on Quora


Design events were also a bright part of the month. In June the team of studio managers attended the conference ITEM-2016 and designers attended Shuba meetup.


ITEM conference IT Tubik managers


Tubik studio designers


June moments of work, rest and creative search were traditionally shared with our followers on studio Instagram page.


tubik studio design office


tubik studio designer ecommerce


Definitely, we didn’t miss the chance to share our ideas and experience via Medium and kept everyone updated with studio news via Twitter, Tumblr and Flipboard.


Welcome to join us wherever it’s convenient for you. Positive summer vibes and bright inspiration to everyone. Let’s meet a new month of projects, ideas, meetings, fresh design concepts and wise tips from experts. Stay tuned!

Welcome to see the designs by Tubik Studio on Dribbble and Behance

tubikstudio graphic design ui

Tubik Monthly Review. April.

One more month has brought interesting projects, active work, productive discussions, inspiring communication, creative search and bright memories. As usual, we start a new month with a quick review of what has already been done, so let’s look through some of April’s achievements.

Traditionally, we will start with a set of Dribbble shots presented by studio designers. 


tubik studio ui animation

Animated Interactions 


tubikstudio swiftybeaver landing

SwiftyBeaver Landing Page 


swiftybeaver logo design

SwiftyBeaver Logo 


website design concept tubikstudio

BRMC Website


InVision for UI prototyping tubikstudio

Prototyping with InVision 


ui animation cafe app tubikstudio

Cafe Coupon App 


website animation ui tubikstudio

BRMC Website — Animation 


tubikstudio weather app

Weather Icons Presentation 


tubikstudio graphic design ui

Mascot Magic in Branding 


Tubik studio character animation

Daily Stuff 


tubikstudio graphic design illustration

Ryiadh Tour Guide


tubikstudio ui animation website design

Tubik Studio | Björn 


tubikstudio ui app design

Visual Perception. Icons vs Copy 


Also, we have presented new studio work on Behance, this time showing the set of interfaces featuring app design with custom weather icons and illustrations.

Behance presentation icons tubikstudio

Weather icons Behance presentation


We also have published some new articles with our ideas on general and specific design issues here in Tubik Blog. In case you have missed out on any of them, here’s the list of what were the themes to discuss in April:

  • Graphic Design. Communication Beyond Words. The article about basic aspects of modern graphic design as a professional sphere. Here we consider the definition of graphic design, its directions, skills and qualities needed for work and also support all that stuff with examples created by studio designers.
  • Tubik Reading List on Design. Issue 3. New set of recommended fresh articles about various UI/UX design issues as well as the short review for a design book of the week. 
  • Design Tool Review. Prototyping with InVision. The review of the popular prototyping tool for designers. Analysis of practical benefits of InVision for creating efficient workflow and user-friendly designs.
  • 10 TED-Talks for Creative People. The fresh set of inspiring and informative TED-talks. This time 10 recommended speeches from experts are focused on diverse aspects of creativity. Enjoy watching!
  • Mascot Magic. Personifying Your Brand. The article about mascots as the design element with a strong potential in brand and content management. Here we consider main advantages and requirements to efficient mascots.
  • Visual Perception. Icons vs Copy in UI. The article analyzing relations between copy and icons in app and web user interfaces in perspective of natural visual perception. Supported with practical design examples and recommended reading.


Tubik blog design article


This month we also actively shared our ideas and experience answering questions about design issues on Quora. Here are the most popular ones covered in April:

Why are illustrations important for UX design?

— Why hasn’t Facebook updated their UI to a more modern design?

— In UIs, do people recognize icons faster than words?

— Why is it important for UX designers to work in teams?

— What is graphic design?


Tubik Studio on Quora


April brought many unforgettable moments of collaboration, creativity and friendship which we actively shared with our followers in studio Instagram page.


tubik studio designers


tubik studio design team


Getting closer to global design community as well as everyone interested in this sphere, we shared our ideas and experience via Medium and kept everyone updated with studio news via Twitter, Tumblr and Flipboard.

Also in April studio team was featured in the article Photo Tour of Tubik Studio revealing a bit of studio history as well as everyday routine and work conditions in WhatPixel Blog.


tubikstudio design office


One more month went into history but brought fresh prospects and new aims which we are keen to realize in new projects, concepts, meetings and articles. Get inspired!

Welcome to see the designs by Tubik Studio on Dribbble and Behance

tubik studio reading list design

Tubik Weekly Reading List on Design. Issue 3

One more bright week has passed for the global design community and again we have collected some fresh tips on useful reading for those who are interested in design news in our weekly reading list. Enjoy your reading!


Tubik Studio Blog


Recommended articles


How Adding Personality Can Make UX Design More Relatable and Engaging — the article concentrated on benefits of adding some personality to the user experience design process, analysing the reasons that make user research the step of great importance.


Key thought: The needs of people in Kenya are different than the needs of those in Egypt or Scotland or Canada. This is different groups, different ecosystems, so we had to spend time to understand what do these people need the most because ultimately you want to build something useful, not just something cool that’s a good story to tell. Not everyone understands the need for user research. They want to see something right away.

Showing your imperfections, working with your users to make things better, and being human is not just good relationship building; it’s good business.


Designing With Color Contrast for Improved Usability — the informative article analysing the power of color contrast in enhancing usability, navigation, dealing with categories and visual hierarchy.


Key thought: The best sites can combine gorgeous colors and usability to create a user experience that’s smart, considerate and increases the quality of navigating the site. All designers can get to this level of proficiency; it’s just a matter of understanding the basis of good color design.


Designers Shouldn’t Code — They Should Study Business the post providing considerations around the importance of getting into the details on business for which UX design is created.


Key thought: In general, our focus on user research and analytics has helped a ton in giving more credence to the voices of designers. We’re also seeing great examples of design-led companies and designers impacting the core of big businesses, like Airbnb, Pocket, Facebook, Google, Slack, and a loads of others. I would argue that those companies are as successful as they are because they have designers who are focusing more on what those businesses need than on how perfect every pixel will look.


6 Reasons Not to Test with Users (and Why to Test Anyway) — the article moving around the idea of efficient testing applied to design solutions. Provides informative and practical explanations on popular objections to user testing.


Key thought: Every design ever made has a user – but not every experience is designed with the user in mind. Sometimes it’s because designers don’t know enough about their users; sometimes it’s because deadlines are too tight to bother. But in the end, users are the ones who interact daily with designs, and users are the ones who can help make designs better.


Mobile Navigation: Tab Bar and Pictorial Icons — the article considering important features of effective mobile app navigation. Practical design tips and graphic examples.


Key thought: Navigation is generally the vehicle that takes users where they want to go. Always think about your user persona, and think about the goals users have when using your app and use your navigation to help them meet those goals. You’re designing for your users. The easier your product is for them to use, the more likely they are to use it.


22 Web Trends Every Designer Should Know — the article analysing some design trends necessary to consider for different design tasks in 2016. Based on ideas and opinions by famous experts in modern global design community.


Key thought: We’re thinking about the web we build as a utility. It’s not about building for specific browsers, but for all users, even those with tenuous connections or weak devices. Sites will increasingly be tiered experiences, starting with a functional baseline for all, and enhanced where and when they can be.


The beginner’s guide to UX prototyping — thoughtful practical explanation of prototyping basics: purpose, techniques, types and methods of prototyping in the process of UI/UX design. Supported with highly helpful review of useful resources and tools.


Key thought: Their purpose is not so much to get prospective customers to buy a product, as to help you make a better one. You build a prototype of a website or app to make sure that the concept will work as intended. You also use it to show your clients, or potential investors, how it’s supposed to work.


UX Best Practices: Designing the Overlooked Empty States — the blog post thinking over the significance of empty states as the integral part of user experience with practical examples of their presentation.


Key thought: Empty states represent a pivotal point in the user journey. Each is an opportunity to build rapport, drive engagement, educate, entertain, or delight the user.



Design must-read book of the week


A Project Guide to UX Design (Second edition) by Russ Unger, Carolyn Chandler 


ux design book


The book we recommend today is now a sort of a comprehensive classic one, especially for those who start their careers in the field of UX design. Set on the crossroads of numerous kinds of human activity such as design, psychology, logics and analysis, art, communication etc., this sphere can reveal many talents of designers, but also requires deep knowledge and various skills. The book provides nice introduction to the domain of UX design, from the most basic definition of UX design and describing the parts of design process to small but significant details playing big role in creating efficient user-friendly products and providing effective teamwork.


Wish you nice time spent reading! Hopefully you haven’t missed our updates here in Tubik Blog, but in case it has happened, welcome to read about some aspects and aims of copywriting and animated interactions in UI design as well as the basics of graphic design as the tool of communication via visual means.


design tubikstudio blog

Welcome to see the designs by Tubik Studio on Dribbble and Behance

Welcome to read us on Quora

tubikstudio web ui design

Tubik Monthly Review. March.

The spring has quickly sprung with new month blossoming with days full of inspiring work, new projects and concepts, shots and articles and tons of bright moments of work and relax. So, starting a new month, let’s keep the tradition and look back at what has been done.


As usual, we start with numerous Dribbble shots featuring all sorts of design tasks in particular UI design, illustration and motion design. Let’s look over them, the picture is really worth a thousand words here.


tubik studio ui animation

Bonano e-commerce interactions 


tubikstudio illustration

Submarine Rider 


tubikstudio ui design

On Behalf of a User


tubik studio landing page design

Arts, Culture & Education Curation | Landing 


tubikstudio ui design

Tubik Studio | BuonApp


tubikstudio graphic design

Girl and flowers


tubikstudio ui webdesign

Comics Shop Home Page


tubikstudio app ui design

Dreamcatcher app 


tubikstudio app ui design

Light and Darkness in UI 


tubikstudio app interface design

BeBright App 


tubik studio character animation

Monster animation 


tubik studio web ui design

Birds of Paradise Encyclopedia 


batman vs superman emoji by tubik studio

Batman Vs Superman Free Emoji 


tubik studio graphic design



copywriting tubik studio

Copy in UI Design 


tubik studio animated illustration



Tubik studio UI animation

Tubik Studio | Museu


Landing Page Animation Tubik Studio

Landing Page Animation 


So, it’s easy to see how bright and comprehensive was this month in trying different design techniques and directions. In addition, we didn’t miss the chance of publishing some new articles here in Tubik Blog. In case you could miss out on any of them, let’s review what were the themes to discuss in March:


  • UI/UX Design. On Behalf of a User. Designing the product for the user, we should listen to what users want and need. The article analyzes the most popular features and characteristics users want to see. Considering and applying them results in efficient UI/UX design.
  • Tubik Weekly Reading List on Design. UI/UX Tips. The first issue of Tubik Reading List for designers as well as anyone involved or interested in the design process, techniques and secrets. This time recommendations are concentrated on the issues of user experience design.
  • Light and Darkness in UI Design. Matter of Choice. The article considering basic aspects and steps of choosing the efficient color scheme as well as a balance of light and darkness enhancing usability and attractiveness of user interface.
  • FAQ Design Platform.The Role of Branding in UI Design. Fresh issue of platform answering actual and popular questions about design. This time it is focused on the role of branding elements in UI design and ways of their mutual support.
  • UI/UX Design Glossary. Steps to Usability. The set of definitions for the basic terms in UI/UX design process influencing usability and performance. Supported with examples and descriptions based on studio designers’ practical experience.
  • Tubik Weekly Reading List on Design. Issue 2. Fresh issue of Tubik Reading List providing recommendations on useful reading about the design process. Informative articles for your inspiration in professional perspective: UI/UX design, branding, flat design, animation and the like. Enjoy the reading!
  • Copywriting in UI. Words that Make Design Go Round. The article analyzing basic aspects of copy as one of key elements of efficient UI/UX design. Here we consider the basic functions of copy in the user interface and recommend the stages of the design process where professional copywriter can be helpful.

tubikstudio design blog


As it usually happens, the first month of spring brought days full of teamwork, communication, inspiration, brainstorming and rest, which we were keen to share with our over 21K followers in studio Instagram.

tubikstudio designers

tubikstudio design office


Getting closer to global design community as well as everyone interested in this sphere, we shared our ideas and experience via Medium, provided new answers on Quora and kept everyone updated with studio news via Twitter, Tumblr and Flipboard.

Tubik Studio on Quora


And perhaps the most remarkable event of the month was Tubik Studio birthday, which we celebrate on the first day of spring. Now studio is already 3 years old and the team has grown significantly both in number of people and in diversity of design tasks we are now able to accomplish. We had a fascinating party filled with warm memories, best wishes and high dreams.

tubik studio CEO and art director

Tubik Studio CEO and Art Director Sergey Valiukh giving a speech


Tubik Studio design team

Tubik Studio team and guests of the birthday party


Tubik Studio lettering


One more month went into history but brought fresh prospects and new aims which we hope to realize this month in new projects, concepts, meeting and articles. Send you all part of our inspiration!

Welcome to see the designs by Tubik Studio on Dribbble and Behance

tubik studio reading list design

Tubik Weekly Reading List on Design. Issue 2.

The world of design got one more active and dynamic week and we have gathered some fresh recommendations on useful reading for those who are interested in design news in our weekly reading list. Enjoy your reading!


Tubik design studio


Recommended articles


7 UX Tips You Might Not Have Considered – the article offering practical approaches to design practices able to enhance creativity and bring interesting results in terms of user experiences.


Key thought: Talk to other people – outside design and development circles – to see how they interact with websites and apps. You might be surprised to see how different their ideas about how things should and should not work are. Take that information back to your projects. It will make them better and help you craft a much more enjoyable user experience.


How To Integrate Motion Design in the UX Workflow – an informative post presenting research and recommendations on integrating animation into user experience design process while analyzing the benefits and concerns of this technique.


Key thought: With UX animation, subtlety is key. Focusing on helping users achieve their goals is paramount.


Unintuitive Lessons on Being a Designer – important considerations on design job features and results, based on practical design experience. A bunch of highly useful tips for modern designers.


Key thought: At the end of the day, the people whom we are designing for don’t have any of that context, history, or understanding of the constraints we face. And yet, they will still pass judgement. The only thing that matters is whether your design works for them in solving the problem you intended to solve.


The 6 Biggest Design Mistakes Brands are Making Today – the set of thoughts directly from design experts on popular design mistakes that in their opinion should be avoided. Followed by the great thread of professional discussion on the topic.


Key thought: At the foundation of every brand there is purpose, an ideology, a rally cry or a rich history. It is important to break these philosophies down to their most simple visual form. I see so many incredible brands that are quite frankly either forgetting who they are or just being too complicated in their message. As designers, it’s our job to show our clients the way.


The Pros, Cons, and Future of Flat Design – the post analyzing strong and weak sides of flat design, supporting the ideas with practical examples of modern digital design.


Key thought: So while big brands like Microsoft, Apple, and Google definitely have influence when it comes to popularizing design styles, it’s the designers that take trends and run with them to create something new — it’s the designers that help usher in the next “big thing.”


Communicating Design – the set of thoughts and ideas about the ways and features of communication in design process, which is one of the vital conditions of good performance.


Key thought: Long before pencil is put to paper, there should be a shared understanding of the partnership and process ahead. This is more than just a design brief. For one situation, this might mean that you were hired based on the way you work. But in many others, this is an education process. Either one creates a need to communicate expectations at some point.


Designing With the User’s Context in Mind – the article considering such a vital factor as user environment and ways of customizing design according to this aspect.


Key thought: You can create compelling content, presented within a stunning design yet still disappoint users. You see, design and content are not enough if we do not also consider the user’s context. In fact, you cannot create a great design or appropriate content without understanding the context the user is in.


A Simple Checklist for Successful Design Handoffs – the post with a number of practical tips to consider in terms of creating good performance at design stage and enable its efficiency on the further stages of product development.


Key thought: We believe that design is a team sport. Everyone should feel ownership of the entire customer experience, not just their piece.


9 essential rules for responsive image galleries – the article on actual issues of web design, in particular dealing with image galleries in the aspect of their responsiveness.


Key thought: Image galleries feature far more complexity than single images; there are even more variables and things to think about when implementing entire responsive image galleries on your website.


Design must-read book of the week:


UX Gamification Redefined by UXPin team

UX design book


A free e-book by UXPin team providing ideas on such an aspect as gamification and its influence on design process creating positive user experience. Being not really long but quite informative, it can become a great stuff for those who are too busy for long books and seek for dynamic and informative reading on professional issues. Supported with practical cases of good and bad implementation of gamification in design.

Wish you nice time spent reading! Don’t also miss the updates in our Blog – this week we are considering the aspect of branding in UI and provide the set of definitions for the basic UI/UX design glossary. Welcome to get inspired!

Welcome to see the designs by Tubik Studio on Dribbble and Behance

Welcome to read us on Quora

tubik studio reading list design

Tubik Weekly Reading List on Design. UI/UX Tips

Taking the time for self-improvement, self-education and inspiration on a regular basis is a sort of thing important for professional growth as well as keeping aware about the latest trends in your trade. However, very often we find ourselves to busy with current problems and tend to miss some news and interesting publications. In this case, recommendations on the most useful things that don’t have to be missed in the constant and fast-pace flow of news can become a helpful way to get updated.


Meeting requests from Tubik Blog readers, we are starting Tubik Reading List for designers as well as all the other people who are involved or interested in design process, techniques and secrets. Every week we will share our recommendations on articles and books which we find useful for our readers.


This time our set of recommended articles and the book of the week are concentrated on the issues of user experience design.


Tubik Studio designer reading


Recommended articles


Classic Landing Page Mistakes You’re Probably Still Making — the article analyzing the stuff that typically needs improvement to make a landing page bring higher conversions.


Key thought: In general, your landing page should absolutely be as minimal as you can make it because distractions (ie. anything that takes users and leads away from your page goal) will cost your site money.


Can you Code this UI Concept? Vol. 3 — a fresh set of challenging UI design concepts in there CodePen implementation. We are happy to mention that one of the designs featured in the set belongs to Tubik Studio designers.


Key thought: UI concepts do get your inspiration running, are great practice and are not always impossible to code! Kudos to the talented designers and developers behind them!


Understanding UX Strategy — a thoughtful article by professional product designer and UX strategist providing basics of strategical thinking applied in user experience design.


Key thought: The best-looking design in the world is worthless if you haven’t made an effort to figure out who your users are and what they need.


Microinteractions in Mobile Banking — practical tips dealing with importance of correct design of microinteractions in terms of interfaces for e-commerce.


Key thought: Easy is good. This can make an annoying and clumsy app, a great app. And this goes from the functionality to the IA.


How To Become a Great UX Designer Without a Degree — the flow of stepping into UX career on the basis of practical tips rather than theoretical education.


Key thought: Unfortunately, UX design isn’t something you can learn without some work experience. Fortunately, it is something that you can learn without a degree.


Microcopy: Tiny Words With A Huge UX Impact — the informative article considering the essence of microcopy and its role in designing positive user experience.


Key thought: At a glance, these tiny clusters of words seem insignificant when compared to the overall app design. But surprisingly, those tiny words have a huge impact on conversions.


7 UX Tips for Effective Conversion Rate Optimization — the post analyzing good ways of improving conversions via solutions improving usability.


Key thought: Drop the assumption that there are any best practices or that they are applicable to everyone. Take every bit of advice given here […] with a grain of salt. Learn, implement, test, and debunk them.


Experts Weigh In: What Are Your Non-Negotiables When It Comes to Designing Great User Experiences? — a great bulk of advice from well-known design experts revealing their secrets of creating positive user experience.


Key thought: There is something really powerful and often underestimated about beautiful, polished design in the UX world.


Infinite Scrolling, Pagination Or “Load More” Buttons? Usability Findings In eCommerce — the article considering various design solutions and their efficiency for positive user experience in e-commerce based on actual usability studies.


Key thought: We’ll see how search results need to be implemented differently from category navigation, along with several pitfalls with implementation and examples from leading e-commerce websites.


5 ways to get the most out of mobile UX — the post discussing some points essential in the process of creating effective design for user-centered mobile applications.


Key thought: Today, designers boast about the “ease of use,” “intuitiveness” and “addictiveness” of their apps, as if these traits were worthy goals in themselves. I’d like to propose a more empathetic goal for mobile UX: earn the user’s respect.



Design must-read book of the week:


UX Strategy: How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want by Jaime Levy


UX strategy book


The informative book providing comprehensive vision on UX strategy that implies thought-out application of business strategy techniques in the process of user experience design. Contains both theoretic basis and practical examples. Highly recommended for all the representatives of UX design process (UI/UX designers, product designers information architects, user researchers, managers, marketing specialists, strategists) as well as everyone who is interested in UX design theme.


Enjoy your reading and get inspired!