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video speeches for ui ux designers

Must-See Expert Speeches for UI/UX and Product Designers. Set 2.

Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow. (William Pollard)


Our previous collection of video speeches from top experts in product design and user experience, which we published several months ago, got shared and actively viewed. There is no reason why we wouldn’t continue this sort of sharing, collecting great speeches from designers and product creators recognized internationally. That’s the precious part of being a professional in the era of the internet: you are able to get tips, recommendations, experience and knowledge from the best masters. So, catch the new set of expert talks we have collected for you and get inspired!


Julie Zhuo: How a Facebook Designer Thinks



Katie Dill: Balancing Order And Chaos In UX



David Vogel: Zen and the Art of UX Design



Cindy Chastain: Building the bridge from UX to CX



Joe Natoli: 5 Rules for Successful UX Disruption



Michael Bierut: How to use graphic design



Stephen P. Anderson: Hooked on a Feeling



Jakob Nielsen: Web UX 2016 vs 2004



Robert Brunner: What All Great Design Companies Know



Design+ Social Panel — Designers from the top social networks



Welcome to watch the first set of must-see speeches for UI/UX designers

Welcome to check 20 TED-talks for designers

design4users blog by Tubik

Design4Users Blog. Official Release.

Here in Tubik Studio we have had the opportunity to create a considerable number of design stories, all so different and so unique. It gave us the chance to feel all the benefits and pitfalls of design provided in terms of outsource partnership. To go further and get even closer to final users, to feel all the pains of our clients and all the variety of steps needed for creating an efficient product out of thin air, we have decided to take the next step and launch our own digital products.


Today we are happy to announce the release of our first product called Design4Users. It is a content-driven professional platform fully created by the studio team from the ideation and concept phase, to creating branding, developing content strategy and communication model, designing logic and layout (UX), original interface and navigation (UI), providing full-cycle of front-end development and creating responsive webdesign, careful testing and thoughtful content writing.


D4U design4users blog


Welcome to get a bit more details about the project.


Mission and background


Design4Users is a blog devoted to diverse design issues solving users’ problems. It’s mission is establishing a solid highly informative platform for designers, customers, managers, product creators and marketologists focused on the aspects of user-friendly design trends, process, organization, collaboration, resources and tips.


One more objective of the blog is promoting and inspiring young designers and sharing expertise of well-known masters in the sphere.


Initially, the blog was created as small in-studio platform for sharing useful information on current projects as well as helpful resources, tools, design hacks, inspirational collections etc. Still, growing and active Tubik Blog readers community encouraged us to transform it in the open platform and share our knowledge, practical experience, tips on tools and sources, projects and concepts we find inspiring. And all of them have one thing in common: they are concentrated on design for problem solving, on helping users and making their life brighter, easier, more productive, more profitable and more beautiful.


design4users logo


Description and functionality


The website is organized around several basic categories reflecting different design directions.


design4users blog




Design: the broadest category focused on general design trends and strategies. It also features reviews for design books and tools, sets of quotes, historical retrospective on design trends, recommendations about useful resources and articles, stories about designers and projects, advice on organization and management of design processes and efficient collaboration with clients etc.


Branding: the category considering various issues of design for branding and marketing, creating identity, logo design, copywriting and brand naming, marketing research and content management tips.


UI/UX: the category focused on the comprehensive presentation of design processes via practical case studies and articles about design for digital products like websites and mobile applications. Covers all the variety of topics about user interfaces, user experience, user research, usability testing, interaction design, applying psychology and analytics in design process, organizing effective teamwork for complex design projects.


Product: the category offering articles and reviews on full cycle of product design, development and promotion, tips on creating user-friendly problem-solving products, cases of improving lifestyle, professional processes and achieving business goals for products by means of design.


Print: the category concentrated on all the variety of design directions and techniques for editorials and books, aspects of graphic design, illustration, typography and lettering, small print forms like postcards, invitations, posters etc.


wordpress theme design tubikstudio


All the categories can feature posts marked as original D4U sections.


  • D4U Inspiration: thematic collections of design works, quotes, videos
  • D4U Interview: interviews with people connected to design sphere, inspiring leaders, newcoming stars etc.
  • D4U Review: books and tools reviews
  • D4U Expertise: presentations of recognized experts in design sphere, their biographies, works, tips, videos and publications.
  • D4U Reading List: collections of recommended articles about from various resources published weekly
  • D4U History: posts about prominent cases and works in the sphere of design in historic retrospective.
  • D4U Case Study: practical case studies giving details on creative process for different design projects.


Design and Layout


Design of the website is accomplished with a view to effective presentation of both copy and visual materials that are provided in wide variety. Basic background of the web pages is dark, aiming at creating stylish harmony and balance for featured images in preview sections and contract with the light background for the article body supporting better usability and readability of copy blocks.


Home page features two blocks of articles: the most popular according to the total number of views and recent, showing the chronological feed of posting.


design4users Tubik Studio


The users are provided with the ability to switch to another category immediately from the top menu, footer menu and dynamic menu moving in the process of scrolling and making navigation easy. The articles are supported with tags and recommendations on further reading.


Subscription is fast and simple, enabling users to get the fresh updates immediately after publishing in their inboxes. Also, readers are able to share the content to the variety of social networks right from the article in split seconds.


Welcome to see more details about design for the website in extended Behance presentation




Design4Users is the content project fully created, designed and developed by Tubik Studio. Being a comprehensive team experienced in variety of design directions and knowing all the stones on the path, we have decided to set a platform uniting creators via knowledge, practice and inspiration for the sake of design for users.


Tubik Studio design team




For those who are interested to get more about the website structure and content in more interactive way, welcome to watch Design4USers Video Tour.



If you wish to see details and contact information about Design4Users, welcome to check out the Press Kit.

In the next post, we will provide the case study on design process for the website. Stay tuned and join us via Design4Users!

Welcome to see designs by Tubik Studio on Dribbble and Behance

Welcome to Design4Users

Welcome to connect with Design4Users on Facebook and Twitter

tubikstudio web ui design

Tubik Monthly Review. March.

The spring has quickly sprung with new month blossoming with days full of inspiring work, new projects and concepts, shots and articles and tons of bright moments of work and relax. So, starting a new month, let’s keep the tradition and look back at what has been done.


As usual, we start with numerous Dribbble shots featuring all sorts of design tasks in particular UI design, illustration and motion design. Let’s look over them, the picture is really worth a thousand words here.


tubik studio ui animation

Bonano e-commerce interactions by Vladyslav Taran


tubikstudio illustration

Submarine Rider by Denys Boldyriev


tubikstudio ui design

On Behalf of a User by Marina Yalanska


tubik studio landing page design

Arts, Culture & Education Curation | Landing by Polina


tubikstudio ui design

Tubik Studio | BuonApp by Ernest Asanov


tubikstudio graphic design

Girl and flowers by Arthur Avakyan


tubikstudio ui webdesign

Comics Shop Home Page by Dima Panchenko


tubikstudio app ui design

Dreamcatcher app by Konst


tubikstudio app ui design

Light and Darkness in UI by Marina Yalanska


tubikstudio app interface design

BeBright App by Ludmila Shevchenko


tubik studio character animation

Monster animation by Kirill


tubik studio web ui design

Birds of Paradise Encyclopedia by Vladyslav Taran


batman vs superman emoji by tubik studio

Batman Vs Superman Free Emoji by Arthur Avakyan


tubik studio graphic design

NightCore by Ildar Aleksandrov


copywriting tubik studio

Copy in UI Design by Marina Yalanska


tubik studio animated illustration

Lowrider by Denys Boldyriev


Tubik studio UI animation

Tubik Studio | Museu by Ernest Asanov


Landing Page Animation Tubik Studio

Landing Page Animation by Sergey Valiukh


So, it’s easy to see how bright and comprehensive was this month in trying different design techniques and directions. In addition, we didn’t miss the chance of publishing some new articles here in Tubik Blog. In case you could miss out on any of them, let’s review what were the themes to discuss in March:


  • UI/UX Design. On Behalf of a User. Designing the product for user, we should listen to what users want and need. The article analyzes the most popular features and characteristics users want to see. Considering and applying them results in efficient UI/UX design.
  • Tubik Weekly Reading List on Design. UI/UX Tips. The first issue of Tubik Reading List for designers as well as anyone involved or interested in design process, techniques and secrets. This time recommendations are concentrated on the issues of user experience design.
  • Light and Darkness in UI Design. Matter of Choice. The article considering basic aspects and steps of choosing the efficient color scheme as well as balance of light and darkness enhancing usability and attractiveness of user interface.
  • FAQ Design Platform.The Role of Branding in UI Design. Fresh issue of platform answering actual and popular questions about design. This time it is focused on the role of branding elements in UI design and ways of their mutual support.
  • UI/UX Design Glossary. Steps to Usability. The set of definitions for the basic terms in UI/UX design process influencing usability and performance. Supported with examples and descriptions based on studio designers’ practical experience.
  • Tubik Weekly Reading List on Design. Issue 2. Fresh issue of Tubik Reading List providing recommendations on useful reading about design process. Informative articles for your inspiration in professional perspective: UI/UX design, branding, flat design, animation and the like. Enjoy the reading!
  • Copywriting in UI. Words that Make Design Go Round. The article analyzing basic aspects of copy as one of key elements of efficient UI/UX design. Here we consider the basic functions of copy in user interface and recommend the stages of design process where professional copywriter can be helpful.

tubikstudio design blog


As it usually happens, the first month of spring brought days full of teamwork, communication, inspiration, brainstorming and rest, which we were keen to share with our over 21K followers in studio Instagram.

tubikstudio designers

tubikstudio design office


Getting closer to global design community as well as everyone interested in this sphere, we shared our ideas and experience via Medium, provided new answers on Quora and kept everyone updated with studio news via Twitter, Tumblr and Flipboard.

Tubik Studio on Quora


And perhaps the most remarkable event of the month was Tubik Studio birthday, which we celebrate on the first day of spring. Now studio is already 3 years old and the team has grown significantly both in number of people and in diversity of design tasks we are now able to accomplish. We had a fascinating party filled with warm memories, best wishes and high dreams.

tubik studio CEO and art director

Tubik Studio CEO and Art Director Sergey Valiukh giving a speech


Tubik Studio design team

Tubik Studio team and guests of the birthday party


Tubik Studio lettering


One more month went to history but brought fresh prospects and new aims which we hope to realize this month in new projects, concepts, meeting and articles. Send you all part of our inspiration!

Welcome to see the designs by Tubik Studio on Dribbble and Behance

Tubik Studio Year Review

Tubik Studio 2015. Year in Review.

It’s hard to believe, but 2015 is almost over. For Tubik Studio this year was dynamic, bright and rich in meetings, shots, interesting projects and non-stop professional growth.

This year, being active on Dribbble, we have published around 140 shots. Here we offer you to look through the set of top positions in the categories of UI/UX design, illustration and animation. Following the links, you will be able to see all their detailed descriptions and full-size attachments.


Top Twenty UI/UX shots


Tubik studio traveller app UI

Traveller App 


tubik studio social network ui

Social Network 


Tubik Studio UI design

Analytics App 


tubik studio UI app

Skydeck App 


tubik studio design ui

Calendar App 


tubik studio ui design

Book Review 


tubik studio ui app design

Task Management App 


tubik studio ui design ipad

Octopus Bar iPad App 


tubik studio music_app

Music App 


tubik studio app design

Sport App 


tubik studio design ui ux

Sea Schedule 


tubik studio dribbble shot

Sea Schedule Mobile 


tubik studio app ui

Time Management App 


tubik studio graphic ui

Travel Notes App 


tubik studio blog app

Blog App 



Good Sign App Concept 


app design tubik studio

 ECHO App v2.1 


artgallery ui tubik studio

Art Gallery App 


app interface tubik studio

Emotional App 


dribbble shot tubik studio

Eventflow App 


Top Twenty Animated Shots


tubik studio motion design

GIF for the Timeline App 


tubik studio button ui

GIF of the Tap Bar Concept 


tubik studio tapbar ui

GIF of the Tapbar Interactions 


ipad interaction tubik studio

GIF — Portrait vs Landscape


tubikstudio motion design

GIF of Dynamic Scroll 


tubik studio_social_network

Gif For Social Network 


app design tubik studio

 GIF for the ECHO App v2.1 


tubik studio pull down

GIF for Pull Down — Space Ship 


hamburger button tubik studio

Hamburger button


ui concept animation tubik studio

UI Navigation Concept 


calendar-app animation tubik

Calendar App Animation


 preloader animation tubik studio



ipad interactions animation

iPad App Interactions 


ui concept animation design

UI Animation Concept 


add button animation

GIF for the Add Button 


landing page animation

Good.co Animation


sport_app_motion ui

Tubik Studio Dribbble shots

Tubik Monthly Review. November.

Following the tradition already established in our Blog, every month we take our time to sum up what was done and set new goals. So, welcome to Tubik Monthly Review, which this time is devoted to some of our works, thoughts and ideas published in November. And as usual, we would be happy to do it with our readers.

Traditionally, we start with the set of Dribbble shots posted by Tubik designers during the last month. Our Dribbble account got more bright works on illustration, UI design, motion and icons design. Following the links, you can see all the shots full size with their descriptions.


tubik studio ui design

Media Player Concept by Valentyn Khenkin


calendar-app animation tubik

Calendar App Animation by Kirill


tubik studio product design

ABC of Product Design by Marina Yalanska


tubik studio illustration

Owl by Ildar Aleksandrov


tubik studio animation icons

Multimedia Icons Presentation by Valentyn Khenkin


tubik studio music_app

Music App by Ludmila Shevchenko


saily UI screens tubik studio

Saily App by Tamara


tubik studio ui design ipad

Octopus Bar iPad App by Sergey Valiukh


tubik studio ui app design

Emotional App by Daria


product_design_tubik studio

ABC of Product Design. Part 2 by Marina Yalanska


UI design tubik studio

Start App by Violetta



Good Sign App Concept by Polina Makarevych


UI kit tubik studio

Free Eco UI Kit  by Dima Panchenko


icons in ui tubikstudio

Iconic Simplicity by Marina Yalanska


Also we enriched our Behance profile with a new presentation which was featured at App Design Served.

Tubik Studio dribbble shot

Behance Multimedia Icons Presentation


We were also active here in the Blog, having prepared several new articles. We have shared our ideas about important features of efficient product design organized along the letters of the alphabet. They were posted in the articles ABC of Product Design and ABC of Product Design. Part 2.  Then we added the post with our recommendations about books on UI/UX design in the post Design books set: UX, UI, HCI. Improving with experts. The other post in the blog last month called Iconic Simplicity. The Vital Role of Icons was about the types and features of icons as the vital part of effective and successful UI/UX. As usual, we are always keen to share our experience and discuss new ideas as well as basics of design, so this month we are preparing new articles and case studies for our readers.


Certainly, we filled up our Instagram page with new photos featuring our everyday life and work…

Tubik Studio Designers


… and we were active and eager to answer questions about design, UI/UX, tools, processes and prototyping at Quora that resulted in a great number of views and gave us a chance of being helpful to those who are interested in design.

Tubik Studio at Quora


In addition, in November Tubik Studio CEO Sergey Valiukh took part at Ping IT conference in Odessa as a speaker and told about our studio work principles and organization.

tubik studio ceo conference


Obviously, apart from everything mentioned above, we all had interesting and complex work on various design tasks on UI/UX, logo and branding, illustrations and motion design. One more good news about last month: understanding the integral role and importance of the correct and appropriate copy for successful and efficient design of different products, such as landing pages or branding items for example, we broadened our scope of services with copywriting. So the magic of words since now can be also professionally provided by Tubik Studio via copywriting tasks together with any kind of design tasks in which we are already really experienced.


So, with a new flash of inspiration and creativity, we have started the winter, looking forward to Christmas and New Year, hoping for better and being happy of chance to do the work we love.

Welcome to see the designs by Tubik Studio on Dribbble and Behance

Tubik Studio Dribbble shot

Tubik Monthly Review. October.

New month has come bringing new ideas, new projects and new hopes. Nevertheless, as usual, we start it reviewing what was done in October to sum up a bit of our efforts and present them in our Tubik Monthly Review. So, let’s remember together what this month was full of except hard and inspired work on current projects.


In October we enriched Tubik Studio Dribbble page with new shots. Here is the full collection of Tubik Studio shots, which can be checked full size with the attachments if you follow the links.


tubik studio website

Basic Grammar for Designers by Marina Yalanska


tubik studio character illustration

BIGGIE & 2Pac by Arthur Avakyan


hamburger_menu tubik studio

Hamburger Menu Animation by Valentyn Khenkin


ribbet animation tubikstudio

Ribbet Collage by Kirill


tubik studio ui design passfold

Case study: PassFold by Marina Yalanska


tubik studio ui concept

Veggie App Concept by Polina Makarevych


tubik studio design ui

Calendar App by Ludmila Shevchenko


passfold logo tubikstudio

Case study: PassFold Logo by Marina Yalanska


ribbet animation tubik studio

Ribbet Collage 2 by Kirill


passfold logo design tubik

Passfold logo options by Arthur Avakyan


illustration tubik studio

Night Work… by Ildar Aleksandrov


icon logo tubik studio

Saily ghost icon version by Arthur Avakyan


tubik studio sticker design

Halloween Sticker (Freebie) by Ildar Aleksandrov


Also we have published new articles here in our Blog. October brought our readers two new case studies about the PassFold project, in which we told about UI design and logo design for the mobile application. Both posts are packed with bright images showing the design flow to our readers. Also we published a new set of Tubik Studio Quote Collection: this time it gathered 30 quotes by famous design experts. Two other articles were concentrated on the ways of optimization and improvement of design process: one post told how to optimize the process of resizing mockups for different screen sizes in Photoshop, while the latest post in the blog was concentrated on the essence and benefits of prototyping for UX design by example of work with Pixate tool.


No doubt, in October we published tons of photos showing studio daily life and design processes on our Instagram page

Tubik Studio designer


…and were happy to share our articles on our Medium page.

Tubik Studio on Medium


So, turning over the October page of Tubik Studio life, we are moving full of inspiration to create something new, useful and bright to share with you in our next monthly review. Happy November to everyone!

Welcome to see the designs by Tubik Studio on Dribbble and Behance

Tubik Studio animation

Tubik Monthly Review. September.

Life shows all the time that every finish is a kind of a new start while every start is the best time to stop, look back and consider what has been done at this stage. And that is what we are going to do every month in out Tubik Monthly Review which will gather important events, shots and achievements of our studio. So, welcome to the September page of Tubik Life chronicles.


Besides active and devoted work on current projects on branding, logo design, UX/UI, animation and illustration, the starting month of autumn was really full of bright colors on Tubik Studio Dribbble page. Let’s look what September brought there.


recipe app tubikstudio

Cooking Website  by Ludmila Shevchenko


event app UI Tubik Studio

Event App by Tamara


switch animation tubik studio

Switch Control Animation by Valentyn Khenkin


app UI animation tubikstudio

PartyCloud App by Konst


tubik studio dribbble shot

Sea Shedule Mobile by Valentyn Khenkin


character graphic design tubik studio


Tubik Characters by Arthur Avakyan


ui concept animation design

UI Animation Concept by Alla Kudin


analytics ui tubik studio

Analytics App Concept by Daria


ui concept animation tubik studio

UI Navigation Concept by Ludmila Shevchenko


tubik studio animated interface

Force Touch Slide Menu by Kirill


Except Dribbbling, Tubik Studio also took part in the professional event in IT sphere called IT-Weekend. It was hosted by SoftServe company in Kiev and Tubik Studio CEO Sergey Valiukh took part in it as the invited speaker and the judge for IT-Awards competition. The event was full of interesting speeches and pleasant professional communication.


IT weekend

IT-Weekend conference 


Certainly, as usual, we published loads of photos showing studio daily life and processes on our Instagram page

Tubik Studio


and were happy to share our ideas and experience in our Blog here. September started with a bit of education – some immortal and highly practical quotes from gurus of usability Steve Krug and Don Norman. Then we published the new issue of Design FAQ Platform with our ideas about steps and features of designing UX/UI to make the product viral. Also we got together around one simple but useful grammar exercise discussing must and mustn’t in design sphere based on our own practical experience, and, of course, we shared this discussion with our readers.

So, September was full of everything, bright, active and energetic for our team inspiring us to do even more and tell you about it next month here.


Welcome to see the designs by Tubik Studio on Dribbble and Behance

Tubik Studio Behance

Behance Portfolio Reviews Dnipropetrovsk. Great power of inspiration.

In the previous articles, providing our tips for beginning designers and our vision of «must and mustn’t» in design job, we have already mentioned that it is very important for designers to take active part in various professional events. They enable their participants to communicate alive with other designers, to listen to the speeches of masters in the field, get some tips and guides from them and ask questions about their work and routine. Visiting events, conferences and meetups makes possible to feel new trends in design and IT, to socialize with the people who have the same interests and problems, to discuss new tools and technologies, ways of project management and time management an so on and so forth.


Taking all that into account, Tubik Studio is a permanent participant of various events in design world. We have already told you here in our Blog about Dribbble Meetup in Lviv which became a great memory in our studio life among different others, already numerous so far.


Tubik Studio on the conference

Tubik Studio takes part at the design conference «The Anatomy of Design»


Moreover, our studio CEO Sergey Valiukh is often invited to be a speaker at these meetings and he is always ready to share his experience with other designers and managers. For example, recently together with Tubik Studio designers he went to Kiev to take part as a speaker at IT-Weekend conference and the judge of IT-Awards competition. The event was hosted by SoftServe company and gathered people working in the sphere of IT and design from both different parts of Ukraine and other countries. That was a great chance to communicate with the colleagues, discuss global and local trends, share opinions about tools and innovations, present own ways of work and collaboration, get into new connections and discuss new future cooperation prospectives.


IT weekend

Tubik Studio at IT-Weekend


The discussion of the latest event also got all the members of the studio back to memories of the day that became special in the history of Tubik as it was the first event which we hosted and organized by ourselves. It was Behance Portfolio Reviews Dnipropetrovsk that was held in May 2015 and became the bright and interesting meeting for experienced and beginning designers.


Behance Portfolio Reviews are the set of events in different countries of the world organized by Behance, the worldwide network of sites and services aimed at self-promotion and presentation of creative people. This network, owned by Adobe, is not just a platform where creators can present their work and customers can find whom to hire for their projects. What is more, it is a great community and amazing spot for development. One of the ways to prove it are Behance Portfolio Reviews regularly organized in different countries of the world.


Tubik Studio Behance


This spring Tubik Studio was a host of Behance Portfolio Reviews in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. On the one hand, this experience was exciting and inspiring, on the other hand, it was a responsible job and we wanted to support this useful and significant initiative by Behance in design community of Ukraine.


The preparations and discussions started much earlier, in the beginning of winter, and all the team was full of inspiration. Special lettering was created, we started sharing the information about the event via our social accounts and think over the program so that it could be interesting both for beginners and experienced designers. Also the studio announced that it started acceptance of the portfolios by designers, best of which were going to be awarded with special prizes from Behance. They had been accepted almost up to the date of the event and reviewed by the team of professional designers as judges.


Tubik Studio Behance lettring

Tubik Studio Behance lettering


Later in spring the speakers were invited to give speeches. They were well-known and experienced persons in the sphere of design and IT from different cities of Ukraine. When all the program was agreed, there was a pleasant surprise – the parcel with the special Event Kit from Behance.


Tubik Studio Behance

Tubik Studio Behance


The great day came on the 16th of May which was full of spring, sun, pleasant communication, useful information and positive emotions. The event took place in the art-center Ya-Gallery right in the heart of Dnipropetrovsk and up to the moment of the first speech start it was full with people keen to get deep into the atmosphere of design and creativity.


Tubik Studio Behance

Tubik Studio Behance

Tubik Studio Behance


There were five speakers who presented their thoughts and ideas to the audience. The first speech was made by Taras Shypka from the team of SoftServe Design. He presented the general flow of points designers should think about when they want to make design not only their hobby or self-expression but also business. As usual, his speech was full of jokes he is so famous for, being a speaker who can tell funny about very serious things.


Tubik Studio Behance

Taras Shypka, SoftServe Design


The second speech was presented by one more member of SoftServe team, Marian Mota. He gave a very informative and deeply practical speech on their team experience of work in design sprints and considered advantages and benefits of this methods.


Tubik Studio Behance

Marian Mota, SoftServe Design


The speech presented by the head of Yalantis team, Bogdan Pryshedko shared a lot of interesting information about the tools and resources their team uses for different projects. He provided quite detailed list and analysis with clear recommendations and examples.


Tubik Studio Behance

Bogdan Pryshedko, Yalantis


The next speech was presented by Dmitriy Chuta, the leader of Chapps design team. He shared the experience of their studio about how they train new designers so that juniors could become productive and confident in short terms.


Tubik Studio Behance

Dmitriy Chuta, Chapps


The final speech was made by the host of the event and the CEO of Tubik Studio Sergey Valiukh, who presented his ideas about modern trends in web and app design and described how architectural approach is useful in this sphere.


Tubik Studio Behance

Sergey Valiukh, Tubik Studio


All the speakers were open to answer any questions from the audience and gave a lot of practical tips to beginners in the sphere of IT and design. So the meeting was full of interesting discussions.


Tubik Studio Behance

Tubik Studio Behance


During the coffee break all the participants had the possibility to communicate and discuss everything they had heard, to make additional questions to speakers and share their own ideas.


Tubik Studio Behance


The second part of the event was devoted to the review of portfolios. Among all the portfolios sent to the studio, 15 were defined as leaders, and two designers were awarded with special prizes from Behance, one of which was the original book from Behance «Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work» and the second – the main prize – was the free subscription on Adobe Creative Cloud.


The event was obviously bright and memorable and gave us not only precious moments of communication and education, but also valuable experience in hosting such events and organization of special time and place for the designers keen to feel the atmosphere of modern design community at the international level. Although our team are keen representatives of online Behance network, presenting our designs and concepts there regularly, this time it was something new and amazing.


Tubik Studio Behance

The speakers of Behance Portfolio Reviews Dnipropetrovsk


Tubik Studio Behance


All the process of preparation and conducting the event made us grateful to Behance for such a chance to get inspired and feel ourselves a part of global design community. And, surely, got us full of new ideas!

Welcome to see the designs by Tubik Studio on Dribbble and Behance

Tubik Studio at the meetup

Dribbble Meetup Lviv: work, fun and inspiration

Designer’s life is always full of concentration on work and it gives a professional probably the most important part of the improvement that is practical experience. Although, today it is not enough to get better: modern designers, especially in the spheres of web and app design, which are so young and fast-growing, should be ready to learn all the time and communicate with the colleagues to broaden their own professional horizons. Knowing that, Tubik Studio designers and managers don’t support the idea of getting limited only to job tasks therefore we take parts in various events and meetups. And this post is about one of them.


As you could see from the photos on our Facebook page, in winter we visited an amazing event — Dribbble Meetup Lviv on 21 February 2015. Let’s look at it in a bit more detail.


Dribbble meetup


Well, as Dribbble is an integral part of our designing work and life, we are keen followers of all its news and events. In December 2014 we took part in Dribbble Meetup Dnipropetrovsk and our CEO Sergiy Valiukh was one of the invited speakers. This time he had been invited to speak for the participants of Dribbble Meetup Lviv, so Tubik Studio couldn’t miss the opportunity to feel that atmosphere of creativity and inspiration.




As Lviv is not that close to Dnipropetrovsk, where we are based, we came there beforehand and didn’t miss a chance to look around. The city is absolutely gorgeous – our Instagram profiles were blasting with photos, even though we had very little time to walk around the city.


The first Dribbble Meetup in Lviv was hosted by SoftServe Design Office and we were invited to visit their head office. We had a tour around the place and then were able to communicate with our colleagues from SoftServe design team as well as attend the lecture given by the designer-typographer Alexey Vanyashyn, a graduate and a lecturer of The British Higher School of Art and Design.


Tubik Studio at the meetup


Tubik Studio at meetup




At the very meetup, the crowd of those wishing to dive into the professional and creative atmosphere of sharing was really impressive: about 120 people came from different cities of Ukraine such as Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa and others.


Dribbble meetup



There were 6 experienced speakers peforming that day, the first of whom was the CEO of Tubik Studio Sergiy Valiukh with the presentation called «One day of the studio life».




Sergey VAliukh at Dribbble meetup


Then there performed Ivan Pashko with the presentation on the secrets UI animation.


Dribbble meetup


Next speaker Taras Shypka unveiled some secrets advising how to teach a designer.


Dribbble meetup Lviv


After the short break, Olha Gozha featured the the psychology of perceiving UI.


Dribbbble meetup Lviv


The final presentation was performed by two speakers — Oleksandr Samochornyi and Sementii Lobach who revealed the mystery of creativity answering the question «Where do great ideas come from?».




Dribbble meetup Lviv


All the speeches full of interesting and useful details were followed by numerous questions from the audience. It was not only professional, but also exciting and cheerful conversation. And, sure, there was a lot of pleasant and informative live communication with the colleagues from different places.


Dribbble meetup


So, thanks a lot to the organizers for the great deal of inspiration and high professionalism – now we have one more bunch of great memories and experience. Thanks to Dribbble Meetup Lviv!

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