Design for Online Photo
Editor is an online service

aiming to make photo editing

and creating great visual stuff

easy, fast and user-friendly.

Color-correcting tools, visual filters,

text tools, adding clip-art objects

and preparing images for print

are just a few of the many functions of Ribbet.

The task Tubik Studio faced was to do

a complete redesign of the editor interface,

bringing the best modern design tendencies

and arranging the instruments and controls

in a convenient way -

because who if not a UI/UX design team

would know everything about using graphic editors?

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Light Theme

During numerous discussions and brainstorming sessions

on the project, it was decided to create not one,

but two color schemes for the core interface elements.

It was done to make using the site more comfortable,

as the editor may be used for prolonged periods of time.

Another reason for using this scheme was that

a lot of graphic assets will only benefit

from being viewed on a lighter scheme

instead of a dark one, and providing

Ribbet users a choice on the layout

color scheme looked like the best decision here.

Graphic Assets

Among the variety of functions

Ribbet provides, creating fancy collages

and using them to craft cool greeting cards,

invitations and other stuff which makes

celebrations unique and personalized

caught Tubik team attention.

The design team were sure that creating

a package of templates sharing

visual identity and style would make

the service more luxury and unique,

and will be a great competitive benefit.

Tubik Studio graphic designers

created a series of images for various events

and festivals and adjusted them

to being used for various media purposes.

Landing Page

Landing Page surely is as important

as the user-friendly interface

for a website providing this type of service:

it needs to explain how exactly the user

will benefit from using this product.

The task was to showcase the photo editor interface

applying engineering style and depicting

all the tools and controls in isometric projection.

It was done to draw the attention to functional details,

making a solid promise of great work experience using Ribbet.

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