Animated UI
Interactions for Fuse

Tubik Studio feels happy to be working with Fuse

creating example apps and designs

for their next-gen, design-centric app dev platform,

where designers have more power.

What we love about Fuse

is that it puts user experience,

design, interaction and animation

front and center in the process,

all without losing the power

and flexibility of a modern,

multi-platform programming language.

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Blog App Interactions

Fuse lets designers and developers create native apps

that look and feel great. One of the design interactions

templates Tubik Studio team has created for Fuse

is the Blog App. It contains an image-centric news feed

where tapping on the post author you are brought

to their profile from which like in any other social network

you can follow/unfollow the person and browse

through their recent activity. Clean and simple,

yet the animation brings on all the fun!

Weather App

Fuse makes things that look and feel great.

Layout, motion, transitions, interaction and animation -

all these elements are precious to any UI/UX designer.

The weather app is another example

of what can be achieved when the design is cherished.

Browsing through weather forecast can be so exciting.

Why look out of the window when you can

scroll through the screen and enjoy

the transitions of color and graphic elements?

Side Menu

Another important thing about Fuse

is that it provides everything

to create multi-platform without the hassle.

Naturally you want native apps

on both iOS and Android!

And surely the navigation elements

should look splendid on both platforms.

Here is another motion design solution

Tubik Studio created for Fuse -

the side menu opening and closing animation.

Social Network

Using Fuse, the assets are created in Photoshop,

Sketch and other content tools and imported by Fuse.

You can use intuitive UX markup to create

your layouts, navigation and animation.

Tubik Studio motion designers suppose

that animation is not only the tool to create

something completely new, but also a great way

to transform simple things and make

even the conventional interface layouts exciting and unique.

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