UI/UX for

Dropspot is a location-based messaging

mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms.

Its functionality is fun, easy and exciting:

the service allows you to leave messages

at specific locations for your friends

to discover once they arrive there.

Tubik Studio team has worked hard

to get the UI/UX as simple and flawless

as possible to make using the app

cool and entertaining. The main issue

the team has faced was to match

the simplicity and a sleek and fun look

in a harmonic interface design,

and we believe we have delivered good result.

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User Experience

Making things look simple takes a lot of effort,

this is fact we proved once again while working

on the user experience for Dropspot.

It seemed an easy task to put together all basic

onboarding functions and develop the functionality

for leaving a message at a particular spot.

But making it look easy and intuitive

turned out to be quite a challenge.

How lucky it is that we do love challenges here at Tubik Studio!

So the UX design phase resulted in logical and laconic wireframes,

becoming a solid basis for the further UI process.

User Interface

The client had an idea to include a nice character

into the design and decided on a friendly floating UFO.

The design team loved the concept, and came up with

different solutions for the graphic design elements

as well as the motion design for the mobile application.

The space theme was also used in the profile screen design

and animation Tubik Studio created for the application,

putting nice accents related to the chosen topic to different screens.

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